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The most comprehensive and affordable repipe process for Multi-Family buildings.

Repipe Specialists is comprised of highly specialized teams with decades of experience to handle your repipe, surpassing expectations throughout the entire process.

Throughout our 30 years and 75,000 repipes completed, we’ve re-defined repiping with our "One Stop Repipe Process"™ for Multi-Family and HOA repipe projects.

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Customer Testimonials


At Repipe Specialists, we provide end-to-end customer service that surprises and delights. From the minute we arrive to the moment we leave, we take care of everything and anticipate every need—from permits and pipes to patchwork. With 75,000+ repipes completed, our expertise and protocols for each project allow for a seamless "turnkey" experience. Our specialty is repiping, but our business is customer service.

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Repipe Specialists Reviews

What our customers say about us.

"Repipe Specialists are exactly that "Repipe Specialists". After discovering a leak in the copper pipe that drained our kitchen sink we were told our sixty-year old galvanized pipe had to be replaced. We received quotes from four other plumbing contractors. It was obvious the other plumbers did not have a lot of experience re-piping whole houses. Some horrified us as to how much of our walls would be torn open. I kept hearing a commercial in my head for re-piping. It finally came to me, Repipe Specialists. I called and Scott showed up. Unlike all of the plumbing contractors, Scott didn't want to inspect every plumbing fixture. He said they do so many homes he just needs to know how many fixtures we have. In few minutes we had a quote (one contractor still hasn't sent his quote). The price was lower than all the others whether copper or PEX and included repairing any drywall that had to be removed. Scott made it too easy not to hire him. In a few days, his crew showed up on time. By the end of the day all of our water pipes were replaced. Water flowed freely to our sinks and toilets. Next a crew showed up to fix the limited drywall that had to be torn out. The texturing matched the surrounding texture. Yes, we did have to paint it ourselves. I 100% recommend using Repipe Specialists."

"High recommendation for Repipe Specialists! They replaced the existing copper pipe throughout my entire house with PEX pipe (because the existing piping was original and needed an upgrade). Saved me thousands of dollars by not requiring I remove & replace the shower walls in the master bathroom. Large crew of workers completed the project in just over half a day. Unbelievable!"

"It was truly the best thing I did to invest into my home. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is interested in repiping their home."

"We had received 3 different quotes before we decided to hire repipe specialists. We highly recommend repipe specialists!"

"I contracted with Repipe Specialists of the Bay Area for a house repiping. They were on time, and completed each task (repiping, wall/ceiling repair) within a single day. I have hot showers again, as well as more water pressure. They consulted with me about each outdoor faucet and what to do with them. They also explained all my piping options (and made a good case for going with PEX). My experience with them was excellent."

"I dreaded the idea of a complete re-piping of our house. The destruction of the walls, the mess and turmoil, going without water for an extended period of time. As it turned out it wasn't anything like that. There was just a small (1ft sq) hole near each toilet and under each sink. A couple more in the ceiling to address the upstairs shower. That was it. On schedule the old piping was removed and replaced in 1 day. The water was off for only about 12 hours. Before the workmen left the first day, I was shown that all plumping was working again. The next day all holes were sealed up and plastered. Plastic was put down everywhere the work was being done to minimize the dust. When all work was done on day 2 everything was picked and any dust remaining was vacuumed up. All the people I interacted with (sales staff and workmen) were friendly and courteous. With the leaking problems we were having over the past few years I should have had this done sooner. I highly recommend Repipe Specialists. They really know what they are doing."


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